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I should have gone to spec savers ,

First day on my new bike. Thanks to Lee Hollick for the image.
Cadwell in the sunshine !!
Spa 4.5 miles of heaven !

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About me

 My name is Keith Terry, and I'm from Southend on Sea. I work for a Aircraft maintenance company , we service the planes most of us go on holiday in.I enjoy my work because no two days ever  unfold the same just like life itself really.

If you do not know me I have raced scooters and bikes with race and championship's wins along the way, I have also been invoved in record breaking on both scooters and Bikes , my best claim to fame coming on my scooter the Kursaal Flyer which set an unofficial world record pass timed at 132 mph !!

As for my private life, I am married and have been for 34 years, I have three children and five grandchildren . i enjoy having them around and thier support when racing locally. I'm an optimist, and I'm easily amused by the little things in life and can see the funny side of most things.

some of my proud and happy moments , things like getting married, my childrens births ,walking my daughter up the aisle when she got married, going to my other daughters graduation, knowing my son is happy with his little family in Cornwall.

I like having challenges in my life, things like getting to the Manx this what keeps me young .



Track Pedigree and achievements


FOBSC Class runner up 1989 1990

ACU Sprint Champion 1992

Welsh Champion of Champions 1992

NSSA Class champion 1992

BSSO Class Winner 2010

BSSO Class runner up 2011

BEARS championship third place 2013

Elvington fastest ever recorded one way pass on a geared scooter at 132 MPH !!



Name: Keith Terry
Home town: Southend on Sea

Hobbies: Motor Sport,Fishing,People Watching,Having a Laugh .
Music: rock and pop,anything in moderation
Movies: Any  thing with a bit of action.
Languages: English.Cockney.
Quirk's:  I ride with the number 23 on all my bikes. (even if it's not my race number )

My motto: Old enough to know better, young enough to give it a go.