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First day on my new bike. Thanks to Lee Hollick for the image.
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Welcome to the home page of the Manx 200 Race Team. My name is Keith Terry and I have been involved with two wheel motor sport both as a competitor spectator and marshal for longer than I want to remember.

Even though I am not the youngest rider out on track I still have unfulfilled ambitions and goals. The greatest of these is the desire to compete in the Manx Grand Prix  in the Isle of Man on the famous 37.733 mile TT mountain course.

This desire is taken longer to become reality than I had first thought back in 2010 after I found out I was no longer to old to get an entry to the Manx.  On my return to racing and winning my class championship I had thought I was well on the way to the Manx. But on presenting my licence for upgrade  I was told that bikes and scooters are no longer the same and I needed a motorcycle national licence to compete in the Manx. At the begining of 2013  I thought I would use my old R1 but soon found it to be to long in the tooth to achieve the race positions required so I needed to find another class which I could afford to get my upgrades . After looking what was about  I choose the MZ 250 class which run at most BEMSEE meetings. This is a decision I have questioned a few times when bike gremlins have ruined my weekend on more than one occasion . But after two years of some of the most frustrating but enjoyable  racing I eventually got the upgrades I require and if everything else falls into place I will be riding in the Manx Newcomers race in August 2015.

I had originally set this page up with the intention of selling myself and letting lots of small sponsors put up a large proportion of the money I needed to help me achieve my goal. Paying for most of the last two years and the trip to the Island as well. But after some comments I recieved on a TT  forum I decided to try to self finance as much as I could.  This has not been easy and the last two hectic years have been expensive, I think my bank balance reflects this fact.

I am still very much on target to go to the Manx in August all I need to do now is get everything in place including the finances and i will be on my way .  I will get some extra hours in at work  this winter and sell my MZ .  This was not an easy decision as even though frustrating sometimes I have enjoyed racing this bike, plus the MZ club spirit  is second to none . I still feel I had a lot more to achieve in the class .

I have already purchased the bike I want to use .I will be riding a Honda NC30 this is a track ready bike and I have already had an outing on it Brands Hatch , I took to it like a duck to water  and I am sure we will be very happy together. Once I have the garage clear I will take most of it apart to check it over for to get it ready for whats coming.


A little update , my entry for the 2015 Manx Newcomers races has been accepted. Looking forward to this new challenge. some paper work and bike stuff to sort out then I should be ready to go.

Cadwell September 2014 250cc specials race

Do i look good in pink ?