Win My Manx race Motorcycle

One of the sponsor members of the Manx 200 Race Team will win the bike that I use for my Manx Grand Prix ride. Simple really after the Isle of Man meeting I will put all the names of my sponsors into a hat then someone will draw a name out of the hat . The person who is picked out will be presented with the bike that I use for the Manx race this will include any direct spares and running gear that I have got for it. A prize worth up to £5000 ................To become a sponsor member just sign up as a sponsor for as little as £100

Always Dress for the occasion


Poetry and emotion

Since the early nineties when I first visited the Isle of Man to compete in the Ramsey Sprint as the ACU Champion I have had this desire to compete and ride the world famous TT course as a competitor. Even though I wanted to go I lacked the commitment required to put everything together to make it happen. But as time has moved on the desire to go has got stronger and I feel I must now make that effort before its to late.

I returned to competitive racing in 2010 competing in The BSSO national scooter championship winning my class in my come back year. My previously held national licence had lapsed while I was not racing. My goal was to be able to compete in the Manx Grand Prix in 2013 for this I would require a National Licence and what I needed to do was to get the signatures after each race so I could upgrade to the level of licence required. Unknown to me since my last licence lapsed the powers to be at the ACU have split scooters and bikes apart so when I applied for my upgraded only the scooter section of the licence was upgraded this threw my plans for a ride at the Manx 2013 into total disarray.

After this set back I have know gathered my thoughts together and decide that I need to effectively start again with regards to my licence and aim for the 2014 Manx Grand Prix instead.

I will now have to compete in at least 10 bike meetings in 2013 to get the upgrade plus some more in 2014 to qualify for the Manx. I estimate the costs of this project to be £30,000 an amount I can not afford myself. So I have set up the Manx 200 Race Team to try to get 200 sponsors to come along on the ride of a lifetime with me.

If you would like to consider sponsoring me please go to the sponsor section for further information.

Thanking you in advance.